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The Walk Of Life

The Walk Of Life

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1 Hour FAMILY Drama T.V. series entitled "THE WALK OF LIFE" is about an Enron type family of wealth and privilege (a family of strangers to one another that wealth has made of them) that become financially bankrupt due to financial irregularities related to an international crime syndicate. To protect their lives, the family must go into the F.B.I.'s witness protection program. They must assume new identities, a new town and a new life from the other side of the tracks, the blue-collar way of life. A family that will finally learn who they really are, while pretending to be someone they are not. We take them from a sprawling mansion of over 10,000 square feet to a small three bedroom, 1 bathroom A frame house in a small town in the Colorado Mountains.

We will deal with topical issues of today that will teach our family the true meaning of faith in themselves, faith in family & friends. This will be the rebuilding of our family. A true rediscovering of man's "Walk Of Life". This project will also include mystery and suspense with a little humor and compassion. I would like this show to emphasize the importance of relationships with your family and friends in dealing with the pleasures and pains of the world today. Every family no matter how rich or poor are dealing with the same issues and struggles of the events of today in their daily "Walk Of Life".

This series is a cross between a "Northern Exposure" meets "Everwood" meets a modern day "Little House On The Prairie".

It is better to look for happiness from within, rather than from the materialism of the world!

2002 Robert E. Wozniak
Also Registered with the Writers Guild Of America, Inc. West (W.G.A.)

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