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Second Chances

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1 Hour FAMILY Drama T.V. series entitled "SECOND CHANCES" is a cross between "It's A Wonderful Life" meets "The Family Man" meets "MR. DESTINY" meets "Touched By An Angel" meets "Murder She Wrote".

This project is about a retired Denver Police Detective and his 10-year-old daughter who travel around the country due to unforeseen tragedies in their life, in search of people that are worthy of a second chance at life. Have you ever said to yourself, "If I only had a second chance? I'd make the other decision and my life would've turned out differently!"

Paired now as unsuspecting partners/detectives in their journey, this father and daughter team will search for those who deserve a second chance at life and uncover what really would have happened had they made the other choice in life. Hence, which way to "The Fork In The Road"?

2003 Robert E. Wozniak
Also Registered with the Writers Guild Of America, Inc. West (W.G.A.)

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