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Only In Dreams

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1 Hour FAMILY Drama T.V. series entitled "ONLY IN DREAMS" is a cross between "Early Edition" meets "The Twilight Zone". This project is about the potential to understand dream manipulation and the potential power that a person and/or a group of people may have to control the outcome of the world order.

This project makes an attempt to understand those dreams that we all have of people and/or places that we've never been to or met and in most dreams we are usually running from or towards someone. What if it were possible to understand and/or manipulate a persons dream? What if someone or some people are doing this now?

This is a project of GOOD vs EVIL. The ultimate episodic outcome would be GOOD CONSCIENCE vs BAD CONSCIENCE. Good souls and Bad souls of the universe traveling a higher plain in our dream world searching for LOST SOULS of the world in an effort to convince them to be good or to continue on their path of evil. Once in the hands of our Good Souls or Bad Souls, our heroes or our villains must stay with the Lost Soul until the awake because once they are awaken from their dream the relationship established in their dream will affect their decision once they are awake.

2003 Robert E. Wozniak
Also Registered with the Writers Guild Of America, Inc. West (W.G.A.)

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